Yachting and charters in Croatia – My stories

I sailed in Croatia many times. I was a crew member, I was a skipper, I was a tourist. Earlier I was sailing at earlier at Moehnesee. Now I was mostly get involved in checking weather there (Wetter). I chartered hundrets of yachts in Croatia already. I rented them from Sukosan, Biograd, Dubrovnik, Split and Trogir. You may call me an expert. I cooperated with hundrets of Charter Operators, those small and big ones. The big charter operators have this advantage that you can always can on the specific level of service. It is not the highest level, it is standardised, but still, sth avarage and you know what to expect. When it comes to the smaller one, it is a lottery. And the best is to know the owner. If he is OK, you can stick to him many years, then usually the price for the rental is more or less the same, but you can this personal touch and higher serivice standard. The owner remembers you and if you make no problems, he will also be more willing the rent you the yacht for the next season. Both attitudes are OK.


I also looked a long time for the website or platform where I could check the prices and the availability. There are really many such platforms on the Internet. Most of them publish offers only from one booking system and I needed all of them in one place, compared and sorted :) typical client:)

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I found such solution, where so far charter prices are most relevant, discounts and availability are shown updated from the last 30 minutes. Looks really promising. It is general platform, where you can charter a yacht not only from Croatia, but also from other countries such as Greece, Italy, Balearics and here: Yacht charter Croatia So there are many possibilities. This charter searching platform is quite unique, user friendly and really well contstructed. You can find there very nice comparison of yachts, but also of catamarans and motorboats, or altogether one you do not choose the type of yacht. www.lonelyplanet.com

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I will gladly help you in finding the right yacht for you, no worry. It is not so complicated, you can also find and charter a yacht yourself and I can be a skipper on the boat, help you visiting best places to see in Croatia. I play the guitar, I am very social person, I am good in relations both with young and older people, who just want to relax. I also am loooking for some nice people for whom I can take care of the boat. All possibilities of cooperation are possible, just contact me!

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